If you have younger children, you are almost surely no stranger to abrasions. Kids tend to run around, often carelessly, and can easily fall and scrape their skin. Of course, adults are no strangers to them either. What are abrasions, exactly, and how should you treat them?

Man's scraped-up elbow

What Are Abrasions?

Abrasions are minor damage to the skin that are not as traumatic as an incision or laceration. They are shallow wounds where the top layer of skin has been stripped away. They are sometimes called brush burns or excoriations. There is redness and tenderness, but usually little bleeding with an abrasion.

What Causes Abrasions?

Abrasions happen when the skin comes up against friction in a forceful manner, such as someone tripping and skidding across a concrete sidewalk with their bare skin. They typically happen on the arms, legs, knees, and elbows, where the skin is more often subject to exposure to the environment, as well as where it is thinner than on some other parts of the body.

How Do We Treat Abrasions?

Although abrasions are generally not considered a severe injury, they should receive treatment, as any time internal tissue makes contact with air, an infection can result. If you come to BeWell Immediate Care, we will assess your wound, and if it is a simple abrasion, likely treat it with cleaning, an antibacterial ointment, and a bandage. If the abrasion already appears to be leading to an infection, we may prescribe antibiotics.

BeWell Immediate Care for Abrasion Treatment Near Whittier, CA

If you suffer an abrasion, you need to treat it immediately, not in three weeks when your primary care doctor can see you. Walk in right away for treatment in usually little more than 15 minutes at BeWell Immediate Care at 12533 Washington Blvd, Suite B clinic. No appointment is necessary. Schedule a consultation today.

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