Minor Burns

Most of us get minor burns from time to time, usually by touching a hot stove or pan. Often these burns cause some immediate and lingering pain but fade without treatment. If a minor burn is large, very painful, or looks like it might be more serious, you may want to consider medical treatment.

A burn mark on a man's arm

What Is a Minor Burn?

A minor burn, also called a first-degree burn, is a superficial burn, one that only affects the top layer of skin. There may be some redness, but usually minimal swelling, and typically the damage is confined to a small area.

What Causes a Minor Burn?

A minor burn happens when the skin is exposed to temperatures way too high for it to safely tolerate. This can happen due to sun exposure, as in a sunburn, from touching something very hot like a stove or a pot during cooking, from scalding by hot water or even from electricity.

How Do We Treat a First-Degree Burn?

Most minor burns can be easily treated at home. We can advise you by phone on the best way to do this. You can often apply aloe vera, antibiotic ointment, or lotion specifically designed for minor burn treatment to the site for relief. If the burn is oozing pus, excruciatingly painful, or appears infected, you may have a more serious burn. Come to the clinic so we can examine your burn and treat it accordingly.

BeWell Immediate Care for Minor Burns Near Whittier, CA

Any burn is not a condition where you want to delay treatment. For immediate burn relief or diagnosis, just walk right into our clinic at 12533 Washington Blvd, Suite B in Whittier, CA. Standard wait time is usually a little more than 15 minutes. Schedule a consultation online.


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