Pink Eye and Styes

Pink Eye, or conjunctivitis, is an inflammation of the eye that presents as itching and a notable redness around the eye area. It is more common in children, but adults can easily get it as well. A stye is essentially a pimple in your eye, resulting from an excess of bacteria and clogged oil glands. Both conditions are easily treatable in most cases.

Pink eye

What Are Pink Eye and Styes?

When the conjunctiva tissues around your eye become inflamed, you develop the itchy, pink, or red eye condition we call pink eye. How long pink eyes last and how we will treat it will be dependent on the cause. A stye is a relatively harmless collection of bacteria and oil around your eyelid. Styes usually do not affect your actual eyeball or your eyesight in any way but can lead to a serious infection called cellulitis.

What Causes Pink Eye and Styes?

A stye develops like any other pimple, when dirt, bacteria, and oil are allowed to clog pores in the skin. Causes of pink eyes are much more varied. You can get it through infection, via contact with someone who has pink eyes, as it is quite contagious. It can be caused by viruses or bacteria. You can also get pink eyes as a result of allergies or irritating substances like pool chlorine or shampoo.

How Do We Treat Pink Eyes and Styes?

A stye, like a pimple, will usually burst and heal on its own over a few days. If we determine your stye has led to or may lead to an infection, we may prescribe antibiotics. When your pink eye is caused by an allergy, antihistamines should relieve symptoms quickly. If it is the result of an infection, we may prescribe antibiotics or offer interventions to keep you comfortable and keep symptoms from spreading until the condition passes.

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