There are many different types of rashes and a rash can look different from person to person and cause to cause. However, they are all characterized by a distinct change in the color of a section or sections of your skin. This change is usually to a pinkish or red hue. There is also often a change in texture, such as scales, streaks or bumps. Rashes are frequently itchy as well.

What Are Rashes?

Rashes are inflammations of the skin that are usually a response to something foreign being introduced into your system. This foreign incursion may either be directly through the skin or from having been inhaled or ingested. They are usually not harmful by themselves, although they are unsightly and if very itchy, can be extremely unpleasant. They may also be an indicator of a more serious condition.

What Causes Rashes?

Allergies are a common cause of rashes. Some substances may trigger an immune response on your body that sends it into hyperdrive, with itching and redness as a result. If touching a trigger with your skin causes a rash, we usually call this contact dermatitis. It can be caused by touching poison oak or poison ivy, wearing clothes with dyes or soaps that you are sensitive to, or coming into contact with chemicals you are sensitive to.

Other rashes can be caused by diseases, especially childhood diseases like chickenpox or measles, while still others may be caused by bug or mite bites.

How Do We Treat Rashes?

In many cases, particularly with allergies and contact dermatitis, an antihistamine or other anti-inflammatory medication will relieve the rash. There are topical medications we can recommend as well.

If we determine the trigger is a substance you are having an allergic reaction to, the simple solution is to remove that trigger from your environment. If the rash is caused by another underlying condition, we may wish to treat that condition separately.

Rashes on a woman's back

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