If you notice an itchy rash, that doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before, in your armpits, near your private areas, around the waist, between your fingers, on your wrists, or on your feet, elbows, or knees, you just might have scabies. While this condition is unpleasant, it is quite treatable.

Scabies on a person's fingers

What Is Scabies?

Scabies is a rash that occurs as a reaction to the Sarcoptes scabiei, a burrowing mite that gets into the skin and causes a red, raised pattern of rash bumps that are extremely itchy, especially at night. The rash and itching can last for weeks.

How Does It Happen?

The mites that cause this condition are microscopic. You cannot see them. The female mite burrows into your skin and creates a tunnel where it lays its eggs. The eggs then hatch, and the larvae come to the surface, spreading out over your skin. The eggs and mite waste create the allergic reaction that we refer to as scabies.

How Do We Treat Scabies?

Scabies is highly contagious and spreads through direct person-to-person contact or through the sharing of clothes or bedding with an infected person. We can treat it with topical medication, which you will need to cover your whole body with to catch any mites that may have escaped the inflamed area. It will be important to treat all family members, as well as wash all clothes and bedding after treatment to prevent scabies from spreading and reinfecting you.

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