Skin Infections

As the largest organ in our body, our skin serves as a protective shield that repels bacteria that could cause our internal systems harm. However, when the skin itself becomes infected, it can potentially grow to be a big concern. Skin infections such as cellulitis or boils are quite common and can wreak havoc on our bodies. If you believe you may have a skin infection, we urge you to visit BeWell Immediate Care today. Over professional team is ready to help you restore the integrity of your skin and make you feel better.

Skin infection on a woman's back

What Are Skin Infections?

Skin Infections can be divided into three categories: bacterial, viral, and fungal. Bacterial infections such as impetigo begin slowly and develop over time. These infections are typically treated with a topical or oral antibiotic. Viral infections like chickenpox can range from mild to severe and may sometimes require long-term medical and self-care. Fungal infections like athlete’s foot typically appear in damp areas on the body and usually require an ointment. Regardless of your infection type, our team at BeWell can provide you with the consultation and care you need to feel better.

What Causes Skin Infections?

Skin infections are caused by a wide variety of germs. Their symptoms can range from mild to severe. Mild infections can usually be treated with simple over-the-counter medications and home remedies. More severe infections are typically best handled by medical professionals, such as those found at BeWell. If you are experiencing itching, pain, swelling, irritation, or discomfort, we urge you to get in touch with us right away.

What Are the Treatments Available?

The treatments we provide for skin infections vary based on the type of infection and its location. In order to get a better sense of what you’re dealing with, we’re happy to offer a virtual consultation or accommodate an in-clinic visit at your earliest convenience. Upon evaluating your condition, we may prescribe medication or recommend an over-the-counter remedy. At BeWell Immediate Care, we’re committed to your long-term health and will work with you to clear up any issue you may have.

BeWell Immediate Care for Treating Skin Infections Near Whittier, CA

If you have noticed signs of infection, getting treatment as soon as possible is the best course of action. At BeWell Immediate Care, we provide comprehensive consultations for only $50 out of pocket, or $40 for a virtual consult. You can be in and out in as little as 30 minutes and return home with peace of mind. To find out more, schedule a consultation. Or visit us today at 12533 Washington Blvd, Suite B in Whittier, CA.

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