Sports Injuries

Sports can be a lot of fun and are a great way to stay in shape. But any physical activity risks injury, especially if you don’t take the time to stretch out beforehand and wear the proper protective equipment. If you do sustain any sports injuries, the proper treatment is essential to get you back out on the field and enjoying sports again as soon as possible.

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What Are Sports Injuries?

Sports injury is the category of injuries that are likely to occur during the course of moderate to strenuous physical activity. Some of the most common injuries include ankle sprains, hamstring pulls, groin pulls, tennis elbow, knee injuries, and shin splints.

How Can They Be Avoided?

Sports injuries are unique in that preventative measures are easy to enact and highly effective. You should be sure to warm up and stretch out before physical activity, especially if the level of activity is one you usually only engage in on a weekly or monthly basis. You should also wear any recommended protective gear for the particular activity, possibly including knee pads, helmets or goggles.

How Do We Treat Sports Injuries?

How we will treat a sports injury depends on the type of injury, so it’s important that you get an accurate diagnosis. Some injuries are more serious and may require surgery to make sure they do not get worse.

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