Everyone knows what a sunburn is and how important it is to avoid getting one. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget to put on sunscreen on particularly sunny days when we are out and about, and before we know it, the red hue to our skin accompanies tenderness and soreness. Thankfully, BeWell Immediate Care is here to help you deal with your sunburn.

A sunburn on a woman's back

What Is Sunburn?

Almost all of us have had a sunburn at one time or another. You know you have it when a patch of your skin that has been exposed to the sun turns bright red, gets tender, and is painful to touch. Too much sun exposure can even make you physically ill, come with blisters, and usually ends with the burned skin peeling off.

Why Do They Occur?

Sunburn occurs when the skin is exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun (or any UV light) for too long. You have melanin in your skin to protect you from this light, but it can become overwhelmed. When it does, you will develop a sunburn.

How Do We Treat It?

As with many skin issues, prevention is the best possible treatment. Whenever you are going to be out in the sun, even if you are not going to the beach, wear minimum SPF 50 sunscreen. Cover your skin as much as possible and wear a hat. This will not only help protect you from sunburn, but it will also help your skin stay younger looking for longer. If you come into our clinic with a sunburn for treatment, we can prescribe an ointment to help cool and heal the affected areas. We can also examine your skin to check that you do not have a more serious sun-related skin condition like melanoma.

BeWell Immediate Care for Sunburn Treatment Near Whittier, CA

If you are suffering from an intense sunburn and want medical treatment, you don’t want to wait weeks to see your doctor. Walk into BeWell Immediate Care right now at 12533 Washington Blvd., Suite B. in Whittier, CA. You’ll often have a wait of no more than 15 minutes before we can take care of you. Visit us today or schedule a consultation.


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