Suture and Staple Removal

After the doctor opens you up for surgery, they have to close you up again. This typically requires sutures, medical stitches that keep the skin closed and allow it to heal. In some cases, the doctor may use staples. Stitches are also often a requirement for major lacerations that occur for reasons other than a surgical procedure. While they are important, once they have done their job, someone has to get them out. BeWell Immediate Care is available for suture and staple removal.

A stitched-up wound on a person's body

What Is Suture and Staple Removal?

Suture and staple removal is the removal procedure for the sutures or staples that have been used to heal your skin after it has been cut open. This is not a procedure you can perform on your own. It requires a medical professional to do it safely and accurately.

Why Do I Need Suture or Staple Removal?

Your skin would have great difficulty healing without sutures. However, once they have done their job, they can do more harm than good. Sutures left in too long can impede healing and even lead to infection, which is why they should be removed as soon as your skin has sufficiently healed.

How Do We Remove Sutures or Staples?

Our professionals at BeWell Immediate Care have years of experience removing sutures and staples. We can remove yours in such a way that you will experience minimal discomfort or scarring and can go back about your day in short order.

BeWell Immediate Care for Suture & Staple Removal Near Whittier, CA

When you’re ready for your sutures or staples to go, you want them gone right now, not in three weeks when you can get an appointment with your regular doctor. If it’s time to get rid of your stitches, just come into our clinic at 12533 Washington Blvd, Suite B in Whittier, CA. For a low fee, we can have your sutures or staples out and have you on your way in about half an hour in most cases. Come right in or schedule a consultation.

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