Wart Evaluation

Anyone who has discovered a wart on their body knows that feeling of dread when it first appears. Not only are warts unsightly, but you also have no idea what it means or if and when it will go away. Luckily, BeWell Immediate Care is here to provide wart evaluation services.

A wart on a person's hand

Why Do I Need Wart Evaluation?

There are different kinds of warts and getting one may mean something different depending upon the type of wart it is. It’s important to get your wart evaluated to know the right way to treat it and how to prevent further warts from occurring.

What Causes Warts?

Common warts are a symptom of the human papillomavirus, or HPV. This is a contagious virus that can get into your skin through contact with an infected person and cause small, round, pink, white, or flesh-colored bumps that usually appear somewhere on the hands. Another type of wart, called a plantar wart, looks like a callus with little black dots in it and commonly appears on the soles of the feet.

How Do We Treat Warts?

We can recommend medication that can reduce your wart and stop warts from spreading. The most important part of our treatment will be an evaluation to make sure that your wart is not actually a sign of a more serious condition.

BeWell Immediate Care for Wart Evaluation Near Whittier, CA

If you’re concerned about your wart or warts and want to know what they mean, you’re probably anxious to find out right away. Fortunately, if you are near Whittier, CA., you can have your warts evaluated immediately by just walking into our clinic at 12533 Washington Blvd., Suite B. in Whittier, CA. In many cases, someone will be examining you in no more than 15 minutes. Come in now or schedule a consultation.


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