Flu Vaccines and TB Tests

Flu vaccines and TB tests are more important than ever, especially for children with exposure to contagious environments where contracting a dangerous disease is more likely. If you or your child is in need of a flu vaccine or TB test and you have a concern about waiting to see a primary care physician, contact BeWell Immediate Care.

Patient getting a vaccination shot

What Is a Vaccine?

Viruses are foreign invaders that enter the body and can do massive damage. They can play havoc with your immune system, which can lead to anything from a minor rash to hospitalization or death. Unfortunately, unlike bacterial infections, there are generally no cures for viruses. You simply must let the illness run its course until your body develops antibodies to fight and kill it. To win the fight against viruses, modern medicine develops vaccines. These are solutions that, after you take them, stimulate your body to create those antibodies. If the virus attempts to infect your system, these antibodies allow you to fight it off. Each year, the medical establishment develops a vaccine to fight that year’s outbreak of the flu. Since flu symptoms are potentially devastating, we recommend that people, especially vulnerable populations like children or the elderly, get this vaccine.

What Is a PPD Skin Test?

Tuberculosis is a very serious lung infection. It can result in persistent, uncontrollable heavy coughing, and if not treated it can lead to death. People can have tuberculosis, or TB, for a long time and not know it. This is why it is important to get a TB test. The PPD, or purified protein derivative skin test, is a simple test for TB. It can predict whether a person has TB to a high degree of accuracy. Because it is so contagious, you will likely be required to get a PPD test if you are going to a new school or joining the healthcare field.

BeWell Immediate Care for Flu Shots and PPD Tests Near Whittier, CA

If you or your children need a flu shot or PPD test sooner than your primary care physician can provide them, BeWell Immediate Care, located at 12533 Washington, Blvd., Suite B, in Whittier, CA, may be able to help. Schedule a consultation and let us know your testing needs.



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