Lab Tests

Finding the ideal treatment for your condition starts with a proper diagnosis. In order to get the answers you need, our team at BeWell can provide you with a lab tests including blood draws and urine analyses. These tests can help us determine the type of illness you may have, how advanced it is, and how best to treat it.

Doctor checking blood pressure

What Are Lab Tests?

Lab tests are basic diagnostic methods that can help identify illnesses or the factors that can contribute to illnesses in the future. These tests involve the extraction of blood, urine, tissues, or substances. Most of the time, lab tests can be done quickly and shouldn’t require extensive involvement on your part.

Why Choose BeWell Immediate Care Lab Tests?

Here at BeWell Immediate Care, we strive to provide fast, quality service to our patients. Our goal is to get you the answers you need quickly so we can begin treatment and have you feeling like yourself in no time. When you arrive at our clinic, we will provide you with a physical examination and order a set of tests dependent upon your specific symptoms.

BeWell Immediate Care for Prescriptions Near Whittier, CA

Whether you believe you may be suffering from an illness, or simply want to get a checkup on your health, we invite you to visit our clinic at 12533 Washington, Blvd., Suite B, in Whittier, CA. We have a staff of trained medical professionals who can offer you the testing and treatment services you’re looking for. You can often be in and out in under 30 minutes and the standard appointment itself only costs $50, or $40 for a virtual consult. Schedule a consultation today.


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