You should always schedule physicals at least once a year with your primary care physician. However, if your child is in sudden need of a sports physical and he or she doesn’t have time to wait for an appointment, BeWell Immediate Care is fully equipped to provide you with these required services.

What Is a Physical?

A physical is a checkup wherein a medical professional makes sure your body is in full working order. It involves an examination and a battery of tests. These may include blood and urine analyses, as well as an EKG and blood pressure rating.

In some cases, the physical may be for the purposes of ruling out certain conditions. These are conditions that could render one ineligible for a certain environment or participation in a certain activity.

What Type of Physicals Do We Offer?

We specialize in providing your child with physicals to gain acceptance onto a sporting team.  Your child’s may need to provide proof of a:

Sports Physical

If your child is looking to participate in school sports, he or she will need a physical to make sure they are healthy enough to do so. This can include making sure they have no heart conditions or bone or muscle weaknesses that strenuous activity or hard contact as may occur in sports could exacerbate.

BeWell Immediate Care for Sports Physicals Near Whittier, CA

If your children need a sports physical and you don’t have time to wait for your primary care appointment, come to our walk-in clinic. Schedule a consultation or feel free to walk into our 12533 Washington Blvd., Suite B clinic without an appointment.

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