Virtual Consults


We’re always happy to see you in our clinic for your medical concerns, but sometimes coming in person is not feasible. You or your child may be feeling too sick to travel. You may be concerned about the spread of a communicable illness. Before you go through any inconveniences associated with in-person visits, you may want to take advantage of our virtual consults.

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What Is a Virtual Consult?

In a virtual consult, you go online and schedule a video appointment with one of our providers. At your appointment, you and the provider will speak face-to-face remotely about your medical concerns. Our health provider will ask questions to determine the source of your medical issue and provide a preliminary diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We can also remotely prescribe medication if necessary.

Is a Virtual Consult a Complete Substitute for In-Person Care?

No. For more serious conditions or conditions that do not respond as expected to the recommended treatment, you should come into the clinic or see your regular doctor. But many conditions, such as colds and some skin conditions, can be very effectively managed with remote medical recommendations.

Why BeWell Immediate Care for Virtual Consults?

BeWell Immediate Care features a staff of caring, experienced providers who are well-versed in acute care management. We can offer reliable treatment advice for a wide range of conditions to help you get better in the comfort of your own home. We see patients quickly and consults are very affordable for both adults and children.


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